Key information

  • Delivery

    Online, Self-study

  • Estimated study time

    12 hours

  • Length of access

    6 months

Perfect your pronunciation

Learning a new language is both exciting and challenging, especially if the language is very different from your own. In this pronunciation course, we introduce students to English vowel and consonant sounds which Koreans tend to find difficult to pronounciation.

What you'll learn

Speak clearer English with this English Pronunciation Course for Korean Speakers of English. Would you like to sound more like a native English speaker? Do you sometimes feel frustrated with your spoken English?

  • General tips for Learning English

  • Vowels (including Words using single and double vowel sounds; How and where vowel sounds are made)

  • Minimal Pairs

  • Consonants (including Practising STOP consonants; lessons Practising challenging consonant sounds)

  • Stress and Intonation

  • Recommended daily practices

How you'll learn

This course is fully online and self-paced, allowing you to study when it’s convenient for you. We expect this course to take a minimum of 12 hours to complete. Learning content includes comprehensive explanations in English and Korean, activities and videos to help you practise vowels and consonant sounds.There are no formal assignments required for this course, however all participants will receive a Certificate of Achievement.

Course curriculum

  • 1


    • Course Introduction (Korean)

    • Course Introduction (English)

    • Introducing this Course

    • What's Covered?

    • General Tips for Learning English

    • General Tips for Learning English Online

  • 2

    Unit 1 : Vowels

    • Lesson 1: Introduction to Vowels

    • Lesson 2: Single Vowel Sounds

    • Lesson 3: Double-vowel Sounds (Dipthongs)

    • Lesson 4: Words using Single and Double Vowel sounds

    • Lesson 5: How and Where vowel sounds are made (Part 1/2)

    • Lesson 6: How and Where vowel sounds are made (Part 2/2)

    • Lesson 7: Practising Diphthongs

    • Vowel Quiz

  • 3

    Unit 2 : Minimal Pairs

    • Lesson 1: Introduction to Minimal Pairs

    • Lesson 2: Sheep and Ship - (long and short vowel practice)

    • Lesson 3: Better, Batter and Butter (short vowel practice)

  • 4

    Unit 3 : Consonants

    • Lesson 1: An overview of Consonants

    • Lesson 2: Practising Consonants

    • Lesson 3: Practising STOP Consonants

    • Lesson 4: Practising 'f' and 'v'

    • Lesson 5: Practising 's' and 'ʃ''

    • Lesson 6: Practising 'ʊ' and 'w'

    • Lesson 7: Other Challenging Consonant Sounds

    • Consonant Quiz

  • 5

    Unit 4: Stress and Intonation

    • Lesson 1: Adding stress and intonation

    • Lesson 2: Practising with WHOLE texts

  • 6

    Unit 5: Recommended DAILY practices

    • Lesson 1: Tongue Twisters

    • Lesson 2: Difficult-to-Pronounce Vowel Sounds

  • 7


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